Why You Need an IT Consultant and Not Just Someone to Make Apps for You

As your business grows, you’ll come to a point where you will need to make certain modifications. Regardless of how efficient or well-organized your operation is, the growth itself will force you to think about the bigger picture. For most modern businesses, that means automating and optimizing key processes, increasing productivity, simplifying communication, and improving their bottom line.

You want to leave as much to technology as possible so you and your employees no longer have to waste time on mundane, repetitive tasks that could be done by a piece of software.

This is where IT experts and software development companies enter the picture. For most businesses that don’t have various devs on retainer, reaching out to freelancers and software development companies like Share IT is the only way to get their hands on custom technology needed for their business to operate more effectively. They’re far too busy with their day-to-day responsibilities to think about innovation strategies, so they reach out to external contractors and companies for help.

However, this is never a simple process. For organizations that don’t have skillful and experienced IT professionals in their ranks, coming up with custom IT solutions can be a challenge. They don’t really know what they need and how to get it done as quickly and cheaply as possible, so the solutions they end up with are often ineffective and disappointing. Shady companies immediately register their lack of tech knowledge and understanding, so they deliberately push long and complicated solutions on them that end up costing them a ton of money.

Knowing that this is a recurring problem, we at Share IT have decided to provide our readers and potential clients with a solution. In this particular article, we are going to explain the concept of IT consultancy and why most businesses need to invest in consulting services before anything else.

Hiring an IT Consultant is, Above All, an Investment


One of the main jobs of an IT consultant is to educate the client, listen to their needs and desires, and help them to come up with the best solutions that will improve their company. IT consultants bring immense value in the form of expertise, fresh perspectives, extra capacity, and industry specialization.

Even though it is tempting to cut costs, it’s not recommended to ignore this part of the process and reach out directly to the service provider who will then immediately start working on your project.

You see, if you have ambitious company goals that require new technology implementation, adding the right IT consultant to the conversation is a must.

Unlike service providers who act in their interest and are mostly looking to get the job done, regardless of the deadlines and the costs - consultants are focused on your best interests. In a way, they are like watchdogs that stand by your side throughout the whole process and protect you from those who intentionally or unintentionally try to do you harm.

One of their main responsibilities as your IT consultant is to ensure that the service provider delivers what you truly need and not what’s most profitable for them. If you don’t really know about software development or what kind of solution you need, what technologies the provider is planning to use to bring your ideas to life, etc., hiring an IT consultant will certainly help you end up with a cost-friendly result.

Data Security and Professional IT Services

Apart from ensuring that you get the best out of your deal with the IT services provider in record time for as little money as possible, IT consultants also focus on data security. They advise businesses not only what’s the fastest and cheapest option for them, but also what’s the safest. These experts help businesses identify loopholes in current systems and teach them how to prevent security breaches.

Also, IT consultants can help businesses select and integrate the latest technologies into its operations. They keep a close eye on everything that’s going on in IT, so they can confidently advise their clients which trends in business technologies have a lasting value and how to successfully adjust their operations to what’s currently working best.

Specialized Skills


Apart from the obvious benefits, IT consultants also serve as an “outside eye”. They work with many different companies and, chances are, they have probably encountered the problems you are facing with some other clients in the past. In most cases, thanks to their rich experience, IT consultants can provide you with new and innovative ideas that can change the game in your favor. They can warn you about possible gaps in your approach that you can’t spot on your own.

One of the main reasons why most companies hire IT consultants is to gain access to specialized sets of skills that they don’t currently have in their company. Because our main area of expertise is SharePoint, with particular focus on web development, mobile development, enterprise software, and cloud infrastructure (Azure) - a lot of enterprise-level companies contact Share IT to help them conceptualize their solutions in this particular domain.

Whenever a client reaches out to us, we try to start with the objectives. Once we get a firm grasp of their business and their goals, that is when we slowly move into strategy and deployment.

Neutral Party with an Unbiased Opinion

In specific scenarios, when companies are working on certain problems, it can be difficult for them to take action or make decisions because they’re emotionally invested in the project. So, they bring in consultants to provide an unbiased eye and do some of the dirty work for them.

Just like George Clooney in the movie “Up in the Air”, IT consultants are hired by companies to tackle delicate issues for them. The companies hire these professionals based on their experience and lack of ties with the employees and the company. They run new ideas with them that might not be well-received within an organization, like major reconstructions or controversial innovations that have a potential of increasing stress in the workplace.

Closing Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this article in its entirety. As you can see from everything written above, IT consulting offers multiple benefits to all types of organizations. Businesses benefit from their wealth of expertise and experience in handling technical tasks. Unfortunately, many business owners wait until they experience a crisis to hire experts. Such an approach may lead to irreversible damage, especially in the case of a poor investment or a security breach.

We at Share IT have been working as consultants for a while. If you’re having difficulty with optimizing your IT expenses and implementing the best software or application for your business needs, feel free to get in touch with us today and we will do our best to get you back on the right track ASAP.